Small Biz Holiday Gift Guide

Small Biz Holiday Gift Guide

Give less, make more of an impact! Check out some 5D's favorite small businesses, brand & artists. All of these items are made my makers I love, and all of the body care & kitchen items I personally use.  Hope you enjoy!



Mature Skin Gift Box - some of my fav skincare products

Spill Botanicals pain roller - I swear by it

Everyday Human - best SPF 

New Wash - saving my hair & bringing back my curls 

Death Valley Nails - the best! 10-free. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Nontoxic.

Toil & Trbl - great for dry skin & smells yummy

in the kitchen

Cultured Guru - the Turmeric Kraut is my fav

Goddess Ghee - Mushroom Ghee goes perfectly in chai tea, capuccino or hot cocoa 

Basic Ass Tea - not so basic tea.  


Cloud 9 Clay - planter unlike any other 


Boonies - illuminate with handmade candlesticks (and snag some beeswax candles too)

Mattea - zodiac prints 

Cyprus Cabinet - the ultimate sun catcher

Tutti Frutti Glass - xtra cute 

Awkward Auntie - concrete homewares

Roen - can't believe someone named a candle after 29 palms, lol!


Souveneir Jewelry - my favorite jeweler!

Xenia Studio - colorful polymer jewelry

By Francis Frank - I love these hoops

Marabou Lingerie - not like anything else you've seen


Power of Breathwork -

Broccoli Mag - for the cannabis lover in your life

Mosquito Supper Club - one of my favs

Broth & Stock - a staple cookbook for all things broth



Willow Rising - Human Design with Willow

Moon by Moon Apothecary - Essence Consultation, transformative when your spirit feels stuck 

shops I love

Ritual Shoppe

The Circle

Chloris & Prase

Petit Vour



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