Clarity Drops - Mindful Focus


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Clarity Drops - Mindful Focus
Clarity Drops - Mindful Focus

Improves mental clarity while sharpening focus and reducing brain fog for an uplifted, mindful presence. Helps you stay clear headed, mellow and aware.

Ideal for WFH situations, studying, getting through a shift, or trying to slip into a good book. This plant powered tincture is impressive at lifting brain fog associated with daily canna use.*

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1 oz dropper

Tulsi- enhances cerebral circulation, concentration and memory. Reduces symptoms of stress.

Gotu Kola- known for improving memory and revitalize brain function. Additionally, this herb is classified as an adaptogen and helps restore mood & nervous system function,

Rosemary- promotes concentrated focus, making it an ideal herbal ally for those who feel easily distracted

Lemon Balm- mood elevating, aids in memory & concentration while restoring depletion in the nervous system 

Tulsi*, Gotu Kola*, Rosemary*, Lemon Balm*, Glycerin*, water. 


Alcohol-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan.

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*This product is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

Clarity Drops - Mindful Focus
Clarity Drops - Mindful Focus

Customer Reviews

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Tasty little pick-me-up

I'm really enjoying these Clarity Drops. I'm the antithesis of a morning person and unfortunately I can't drink coffee due to acid reflux, so sometimes even an 11 am Zoom meeting can be a struggle. These drops help me perk up and focus when I'm dragging. I've noticed they also help ease some of my anxiety. The taste is lightly sweet and enjoyable, which means I will actually take them instead of relegating them to the bathroom cupboard never to be seen until next year's spring cleaning. These are wonderful little drops!

pleasantly surprised at how effective!

Since working remotely in the pandemic, my attention span has not been the best... so I ordered this out of curiosity. A small investment, I figured. I drink coffee each morning, but sometimes my focus goes out the window by 3pm. To avoid afternoon caffeine on days like these, I've started taking a serving (half a dropper) of Clarity. Excited & surprised to feel the result! A calm sense of focus. Expected to have to really think hard to experience this (like so many other wellness products that are expensive and don't actually work). I plan to order another bottle after finishing this one, which has lasted me a couple months already. Would recommend! Thank you!

Clarity Drops are Incredible.

I started using these drops to help with brain fog associated with cannabis use. They quickly helped to restore an overall sense of clear, level headed thinking. The things that seemed too difficult and overwhelming became much more manageable. These drops help so much to wrap my head around daily tasks and remind myself that “I can do it!”. Highly recommend.


Obsessed with these drops and 5th Dimension in general! The initial package got lost with USPS but Jayna provided quick and helpful responses each time and even sent me a new set of drops after I never received them the first time! I’m a mental health counselor and these drops help tremendously with my mental fatigue, helping me stay alert and clear minded with my clients! Highly recommend for all situations even without daily cannabis use! Thanks Jayna!!!