Wild Hearts Elixir


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Wild Hearts Elixir
Wild Hearts Elixir

Embrace your wild heart with an herbal hug. This elixir opens the portal to your inner divinity and boundless self-love. Take when boundaries need affirming, to calm self doubt, and to send love to the parts of you often overlooked. We can love ourselves wholly for all that we are, and this elixir is here to encourage that.

*This product is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

1 oz bottle

Limited Edition!

This last year, I have been processing some long held grief and resentment. The Wild Hearts Elixir was born from an intense period of relearning how to love myself and connect with others. I have a wild heart, and the pressure the tame those naturally wild tendencies to fit in or feel accepted can harden the spirit. Instead of confining our hearts to one way of being, we can work to uplift ourselves and embrace all that we are. We do not need to tame our wild hearts.

I suggest trying this elixir alongside a breathwork, meditation, or yoga practice. The essences in this formula help us download what we need to move past long held blockages in a way that's grounded and supported. I never write such personal messages alongside my potions, but the Wild Hearts Elixir is a very special blend to me. I hope it is for you too. xx, J

Rose- promotes self love and upholds boundaries. allows us to feel what we need to feel without implication

Motherwort- calms the heart, easing the feeling of intense reaction.

Rose Quartz Essence- deeply healing heart medicine. softens while strengthening boundaries

Violet Essence- allows us to share with others while remaining true to ourselves. develops trust in the warmth of others, builds self-acceptance and ultimately enhances self-liberation

Magnolia Essence- connects us to our inner divinity, guiding us past the limitations we set upon ourselves. opens our hearts to receive love form the angel realm

Rose*, Motherwort*, Glycerin*, Water, Essence of Rose Quartz^, Essence of Motherwort`, Essence of Violet.


^sourced from Moon by Moon Apothecary

`sourced from Lo Lunaris

A Note on Essences: We use drop doses of essences in this formula. The essences used in this formula are preserved in brandy, and are equivalent to less than 10 drops in the formula. They are safe and gentle to use, with no alcohol taste detectable- most comparable to using vanilla extract while baking. Sharing incase this may be triggering to you! 



Wild Hearts Elixir
Wild Hearts Elixir

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