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Our hydrating night oil penetrates deep to nourish skin while supporting healthy cell turnover, soothing inflammation, and softening skin. Antioxidant dense oils, and organic botanical extracts reduce visible damage and redness in skin. This oil works to rejuvenate complexion while you sleep, for an optimal glow day in and out.

Whole Plant Marshmallow Root, Lavender & Chamomile are infused into Midnight Oil for a full spectrum moisturizer that supports a healthy skin biome while providing you with a fresh, soft glow!

Midnight oil is essential oil free, making it a gentle yet effective option for sensitive skin.

30ml (1oz)

You'll never find these in our products:

Parabens, GMOs, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrance, Artificial Dyes


Marshmallow Root- this highly mucilaginous herb deeply hydrates skin, while protecting your moisture barrier & softening skin.

Chamomile- calms inflammation, irritation & redness for an even toned complexion.

Lavender- the quintessential aromatic bed-time herb is antibacterial, soothing to irritation & speeds up recovery of inflamed skin.

Apricot Kernel Oil- closely resembles our natural sebum. softens skin and helps reduce visible signs of environmental damage.

Sea buckthorn Oil- this vitamin & mineral dense oil promotes tissue repair, cell regeneration, balances breakout & minimizes irritation all while deeply hydrating.

Rosehip Seed Oil- highly concentrated with omega fatty acids & antioxidants to repair and protect skin against visible damage.

Apricot Kernel Oil*, Chamomile*, Lavender*, Marshmallow*, Sea Buckthorn Oil*, Rosehip Oil*


This product is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

All of the products by 5th Dimension have changed my skin for the better. So clean and effective. I’ll never go back.

So nourishing

I have VERY dry skin and unfortunately a lot of oil production because of that. At night I wash my face and throw this on after. When I wake up my skin is totally balanced and well-nourished. I have seen my tight and flaky skin reduce. I have also been using this over my moisturizer as a "sealer" and under my makeup (makes makeup go on smoother). I think my skin likes the herbs and fragrance of Midnight Oil as opposed to a basic rosehip oil I got from the health food store. A total upgrade!!!!

Midnight Oil Magic

Okay, I'm a die hard for the Sub Rosa and it took a lot for me to try something else out, but I'm SO glad I did! I use this after Mystic Mud (and 5D toner) and my skin feels soooo good after. It smells so amazing that my roommates have started to know when I'm getting ready for bed because this floral, herbal scent wafts into the living room! Also it is the perfect counterpart to use with a gua sha as well. Highly recommend!


Seriously, you just have to try this for yourself, this product is absolutely amazing!! I’ve tried so many different oils for my skin that eventually leave me looking for something better to replace it with, but the midnight oil has been my final fix! Not only do I personally see how clear my skin is and feel how soft, I get comments on it all the time! I cannot recommend this enough!