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Seasonal Living is a beautiful way to stay connected with the tides of nature. At 5th Dimension, we encourage strengthening ties to the land, and seasonal living is one of the ways to deepen the relationship.

As season's shift, our body craves variation to keep us feeling our utmost. Think warmer, richer foods, circulatory stimulating herbs, ultra nourishing body butter during the cooler months. Or crisp cooling foods, refreshing beverages, toning face mists & masks during the warmer months. 

Our Seasonal Self Care Boxes included a variety of products to support the cravings of our body & spirit. Skin care, aura, and internal wellness are taken in to mind when formulating & curating the boxes. We include a grouping of goodies that will carry you through the seasonal tides with ease.

Self Care Boxes are bundled to save, but you can purchase products individually while supplies last.