5th Dimension now offers two introductory consultations. Your consultation will take place with Jayna Anderson, the founder and herbalist of 5D. Both of these consultations can lead to further work together, with sliding scale pricing an option. If you would like to continue working together on a consultation basis, we can discuss that at the end of our consultation call.

All consultations occur over the phone, unless you would prefer email correspondence only. If you have specific questions, please send them in alongside your questionnaire. To book a consultation, please click one of the links below. We take Paypal or Venmo payments for consultation.

Quick Consult

$10 for a 15 minute consultation. This is for anyone looking for that quick answer to their situation, whether it be skincare, overall health, stress etc. You will receive a very short questionnaire to fill out prior to our conversation about your main concerns for this consultation. We will have a brief 15 minute conversation on the phone going over you concerns and debrief on a few ways to address these concerns. You will receive a one page sheet with product suggestions, lifestyle suggestions, and herbal remedy ideas to empower and support you. 


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Skincare Consultation

$30 for a 40 minute consultation. You will receive a skincare questionnaire to fill out prior to our conversation. This is the place to lay out any concerns, issues or questions you may have. It allows me to get a deeper look into your personal history so I can more concisely guide you to a skincare routine and products that will be beneficial to your skin's needs. This is an ideal intro consult for someone with skincare specific concerns who is curious about going to client/herbalist route to healing. In addition to our 30 minute consultation, you will receive a written sheet with suggestions and notes as a follow up. This may look like product suggestions, lifestyle shifts, dietary changes, or herbal remedies to empower and support you in shifting your skin's health. You will receive a discount code for the shop.

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