Herbalism in the Times of COVID-19

This is a general resource guide to direct you to potential herbal support on our website. Please keep in mind that herbalism is a nuanced study and practice. No herb is a fix-all, and no herb is a one size fits all. We are blessed to be unique individuals with different constitutions, and as herbs treat the body, they are best used when considering the specific body they will be used on. For the sake of providing general information, I have compiled a list of ways to support yourself based on symptoms & the corresponding herb that could help.

This page is in no way intended to diagnose, cure, or treat disease or illness.


Lay Low Sleep Aid - taking a smaller dose of Lay Low is great for people with a chronic low level anxiety that tends to spike during intense times. This supplement can be sedative when taken at standard dose (1 dropperful is roughly 25 drops), but at 5-15 drop dosage, this supplement can soothe cyclical or racing thoughts and minimize feelings of heightened anxiety. Over time, it works to replenish a nervous system depleted from chronic anxiety or stress.

Lemon Balm Tincture - This alcohol based tincture is a mood-uplifting herb for anxiety that leans toward negative thought pattern, tightness of the chest or upset stomach. I find this herb useful for lifting me out of chronic stress of which I am prone toward. It is also an anti-viral herb that calms restlessness.  Lemon Balm should be avoided if you have an under active thyroid.

California Poppy Tincture - This alcohol based tincture is ideal for anxiety resulting in shallow breath or insomnia. It helps relieve spasmodic cough and help break restless cycles. I like this tincture for nerve pain- earache, toothache, back pain. California Poppy is sedative, and some folks experience this stronger than others, so don't operate machinery until you see how you feel and start with 10 drops for anxiety . This herb can be used when kicking dope. Dosage is important with this herb. Here are some general guidelines: ~10-20 drops for daytime anxiety as needed, but no more than every 30 min. ~80 drops for nerve pain. ~60 drops for insomnia. use for acute symptoms, such as times like these when stress & anxiety are compounding.

Stress Less Adaptogenic Nervine - Take a double dose during moments of intense anxiety. This formula works best over time to restore a depleted nervous system, which helps to minimize feelings of stress. When feeling anxious, I find this blend to be useful in a double dose to take the edge off without bringing my energy down. This is a moistening blend, and great for when you feel overall dry.

Immune Support

The immune system is a grouping of cells and molecules that protects us. It monitors our body and responds to any foreign substances perceived as a threat. The cells of the immune system are linked to Bone Marrow, Lymph Nodes & Lymphatic Vessels, the Spleen, Thymus, and Glands in our Nasal Passage.

Hibiscus Fire Cider-  This warming tonic helps to support the body during cold and flu season. It works to break up mucus, stimulate circulation, and support digestive movement. It's a great ally for anyone feeling congested, with irregular bowel movements, or looking to restore vitality. You'll find a version of this traditional herbal remedy in many apothecaries, as it is such an effective way to support congested tissue states. Hibiscus is added to our formula to temper the dry warmth, soothing inflamed tissue states. So while the spicy blend of herbs and spices opens the body up to release congestion, Hibiscus works to soothe inflammation. A match made in heaven!

Daily Glow Skin Tonic - Increase the suggested dose on the bottle of this tasty formula to stimulate immune system! Key herb Schisandra strengthens the lungs and supports the immune system. Goji is bursting with antioxidants, dense with vitamins & supports healthy gut flora which improves immune system. Ashwagandha supports overall health and helps us regain strength, so useful for these times. Calendula moves lymph and Red Raspberry tone our tissue states while replenishing nutrition. I suggest 2-3 dropperfuls up to 3x daily to stimulate your immune system. 

Gut Health Bittersweet Digestive - A healthy connection between our gut biome and immune system is crucial to balanced function. Peyer's Patches are lymphoid tissue found in the small intestine, and are a part of our immune system that monitors our intestinal bacteria populations. Our Gut Health formula is intended to support a downward digestive flow to break down, process & assimilate food and support healthy gut flora. Digestion requires a lot of our energy! When your body is focusing its energy on removing pathogens from the body, extra digestion support is so welcome. By warming the digestion, you more readily access foods for restored energy, improved nutrition and minimal gut discomfort. I like to take 2-3 dropperfuls of this blend before a meal when I feel run down.

Nettle Oxymel - Nettles have an organ affinity to the Kidneys, and do well to boost overall nutrition to energize. Our kidneys filter and process waste & extra fluid. Daily doses of Nettle Oxymel boosts vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients often missing in modern diets void of wild foods. Nettles are drying, so I always like to wash my shot of Nettle Oxymel down with a tall glass of water. Nettles can help relieve allergies, and are overall anti-inflammatory, energizing and boosting to mental health. Nettles are drying, so avoid this if you are experiencing symptoms of intense dryness- particularly within the respiratory system.


California Poppy Tincture - This alcohol based tincture relieves spasmodic cough that is on the wet side. If you are hacking up mucus, and feel congested- this is a wet cough. Cal Pop works best in conjunction with other herbal remedies for this issue, but I find it relaxing to my system when coughing is incessant.  Take 10 drops in water in conjunction with a herbal steam or cough syrup. California Poppy is sedative, and some folks experience this stronger than others, so don't operate machinery until you see how you feel.

Respiratory Support

Respiratory Relief Formula- This formula relies on two local medicinal herbs for its respiratory support benefits: Pine & Lyre Leaf Sage. The way that I processed pine for this formula amplifies it's expectorant & diaphoretic properties. It disperses congested mucus in the respiratory system and increases body temperate for elimination (sweating is an elimination process of our immune system!). Lyre Leaf Sage is a sage native to this region, and is known to support the respiratory system by alleviating congestion and sore throat. It's milder in effect than other sage's, and I find it not as drying, which makes it more suitable for prolonged use.