Breakout Relief Face Toner


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Breakout Relief Face Toner speeds up the recovery of breakout, and minimizes visible damage. A potent extract of herbs promotes tissue repair while soothing inflammation, minimizing pore size and controlling sebum production.*

This product is intended to supplement your daily toner during breakout, and should be used for up to 5 days at time to prevent drying. For quick results, soak cotton pad in toner and hold onto blemish for 5-10 minutes once a day.

You'll never find these in our products:

Parabens, GMOs, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrance, Artificial Dyes

This product is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

Witch Hazel- gently cleanses skin, witch hazel extract penetrates deep to remove dirt, makeup & clogged sebum from pores. 

Calendula- a softening, anti-inflammatory and repairing herb that soothes skin while support our lymphatic system to improve overall complexion.

Yarrow- highly astringent, styptic and antibacterial to quickly shrink breakout

Witch Hazel*^, Yarrow*, Calendula*, ^contains 14% alcohol by volume  *organic

*note, the witch hazel extract we use has been double distilled and has small amounts of alcohol, which results in a higher quality herbal extraction. we estimate 10% alcohol by volume in the final product. 

Essential Oil Free, Vegan.