Spiderwort Essence


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I created this essence on a slightly overcast morning at the base of a tree at my home.

Spiderwort Essence promotes clarity in the energetic realm of our being which can encourage a break from the entanglement of past narratives, relationships or thought patterns that pull us into feelings of resentment or fear. Spiderwort opens up the spirit to seeing things as they are, not as we connotate them to be. Releasing what feels entangled into the nervous system makes way for new energy, light and breathe.

This spirit medicine can open space for energetic movement in a way that feels steady, not rushed. When releasing bounding thought patterns, growth takes shape- in that way that doesn’t feel as painful anymore.

Take 2-3 drops on the tongue, add to your face mist, put on your altar or however your intuition leads you.

Spiderwort Essence, Spring Water, Brandy. 7 ml dropper bottle