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Tulsi Rose Toner

Tulsi Rose Toner

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Tulsi Rose Toner clarifies, calms and lightly hydrates to support balanced oil production and a fresher complexion. The ideal seasonal toner.

Use Tulsi Rose to control sebum production, remove excess product residue from makeup + cleansers, tighten pores and minimize inflammation. Suitable for all skin types.*

4 oz


Witch Hazel extract*, Tulsi*, Rose Hydrosol*, Phenoxyethanol SA (preservative), Benzylalcohol-DHA (preservative).


Essential Oil Free, Vegan.

Botanical Benefits

Witch Hazel-gently cleanses skin. our organic witch hazel extract removes dirt, makeup & clogged sebum from pores without drying skin
Tulsi- this powerful adaptogen is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, supporting a more resilient, balanced complexion.
Rose Hydrosol- balancing hydration to soothe irritated skin.

Our Standard

Herbalist formulated products for skin's wellbeing. Crafted with organic ingredients & functional herbs for maximum benefits and long lasting results.


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March 2023

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Tulsi & Witch Hazel

Together, these herbs soothe, soften & ever so gently tone skin- without the drying after effects.

Customer Reviews

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rebecca wood

Tulsi Rose Toner · *Limited Edition*

A staple in my facial routine!

Jayna has done it again! 5th dimension puts the time and energy to make good quality and kind to the skin products, and the toners have always been my favorite. Tulsi Rose toner is already a staple in my routine. It’s dependable, no matter what my skin is feeling or doing that day. Toners tend to dry me out or burn my skin and 5th dimension has been the only brand of toner to not dry me out and has me feeling refreshed after use. Jayna at 5th dimension has put a lot of time and energy to bring us a long shelf life, well thought out formula for a toner and it was well worth the wait. The toner for me is a top product from 5th dimension because it’s truly irreplaceable in my facial routine. 10/5 stars!