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Our Vitamin C Wave Winter Support is a burst of Vitamin C dense herbs to improve skin, uplift spirits, boost immune system and serve as a mild digestive aid. The benefits of Vitamin C are best felt in whole plant extraction, so we gathered our favorite herbs for a tidal wave of Vitamin C this Winter Season. Rich with antioxidants, helps boost collagen production (for flexible winter skin), and boosts immune system. Take daily to enjoy the vast benefits of this Vitamin C dense herbal extract.  This blend has a very uplifting effect, making it the perfect companion for the Winter Blues.


*This product is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

1 oz bottle

Pine Needle- potent with vitamin C and A, and antioxidants. This nutritive part of the pine tree makes a wonderful Winter remedy. as an aromatic carminative, they support healthy digestion with an uplifting effect.

Hibiscus- another vitamin C dense herb that’s both antiviral and taken as a digestive aid. This antioxidants potent herb balances inflammation response.

Satsuma- a local Louisiana treasure, satsuma is a juicy tangy burst of vitamin C. We infuse the full fruit to capture the volatile oils in the skin for maximum potency. 

Rosehip- A rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. A demulcent herb who shines in reducing inflammation and supporting immune system response.


Vegetable Glycerin*, Pine Needles’, Hibiscus*, Satsuma’, Rosehip*, Water.

*organic 'wildcrafted


Customer Reviews

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I love love love this. Sooooo tasty with the pine and feels like it perks me up too! Love that it helps out my skin some too in this dry winter air. Got in the winter box and bought another because I loved it so


this supplement is so tasty, i have to stop myself from taking more than i need! 10/10 would recommend for a winter pick me up :)