Winter Self Care Box *PRE-ORDER*

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Winter Self Care Box *PRE-ORDER*
Winter Self Care Box *PRE-ORDER*

*ships December 30th*

Winter is coming! The Winter box is pulsing with plant power for holding us tenderly during the colder months. In addition to the products listed below, you will receive detailed information cards on each item so you can learn the best way to incorporate them into your self care ritual. An $91 value bundled for $73 as the complete self care kit for Winter. 

Releasing in time for the Winter Solstice, a day that marks the longest night of year, a moment to bask in the glory of the moon. Winter is a time to be cozy, tender with ourselves and nourish. So let us be cozy, deeply nourish, and support our bodies. All products have been formulated to support the body during Winter.

The Winter Box comes with:

Deep Hydration - Sleeping Mask 2 oz

Solarbound Body Butter 4 oz

Vitamin C Wave - Winter Support Tincture (alcohol-free) 1 oz

Muscle Ease - Topical Liniment 1oz

A deeply hydrating, ultra moisturizing mask to be used 2-3x weekly. Restores dry skin, while softening and repairing our moisture barrier. Use as a spot treatment on dry patches as needed. Apply mask as your final step in your night time skincare routine and awaken with a softer, fresher complexion.

cocoa butter*, mango nut butter*, apricot seed oil*, sunflower seed oil*, calendula*, comfrey*, beeswax’, lavender hydrosol* 

A spin on our most popular body butter, Prism. A strong infusion of calendula and chamomile soften, repair, and soothe skin. This body butter contains protective shea butter and mango nut butter to keep skin hydrated. Repairs deeply dry skin, and works great for chronically dry skin as well. 

She butter*, mango nut butter*, sunflower seed oil*, calendula*, chamomile*, beeswax’, lavender hydrosol* 

Our Vitamin C Wave Winter Support is a burst of Vitamin C dense herbs to lift you up. The benefits of Vitamin C are best felt in whole plant extraction, so we gathered our favorite herbs for a tidal wave of Vitamin C for this Winter Season. Rich with antioxidants, helps boost collagen production (for flexible winter skin), and boosts immune system. Take daily to enjoy the vast benefits of this Vitamin C dense herbal extract.

Vegetable Glycerin*, Pine Needles’, Hibiscus*, Satsuma’, Rosehip*, Water.

*organic 'wildcrafted

A Topical solution that seeps deep into skin to provide quick relief to muscle pain and tension. A blend of herbs to alleviate tension, pain and promote circulation. During the winter, as cold winds whip our faces and hands hide in mittens, our bodies tend to tense up in response to the constant chill. Tension and pain can build, so take a nice stretch, apply this liniment and invite your body to relax. 

Yarrow*, Rosemary*, Calendula*, Camphor, Rubbing Alcohol.

Winter Self Care Box *PRE-ORDER*
Winter Self Care Box *PRE-ORDER*