Alcohol-Free Herbal Tinctures

Alcohol-Free Herbal Tinctures

Diving into why 5th Dimension offers alcohol-free extracts with founder + herbalist, Jayna Anderson.

Why do you offer alcohol free extracts, when so many herbalists mainly offer alcohol extracted herbal tinctures? 

I live an alcohol free lifestyle. Many of the people I commune with also live an alcohol free lifestyle and feel triggered by alcohol. Even if the alcohol is dilute to the point of no detection in water, the thought of consuming alcohol can be extremely triggering to someone seeking to avoid it. When providing members of my community with herbal support, there was an overwhelming ask for alcohol-free support. I heard the call and answered it.

Why not offer both?

We will have alcohol extracts available in the seasonal section from time to time. I work with alcohol extracts and non-alcohol extracts in my South Louisiana apothecary. If you schedule a consult with me and have no issue with alcohol extracts, you may receive tinctures in that form. But, as alcohol extraction is the herbalist standard, my hope is to fill the gap for those seeking to avoid alcohol. I can't do it all, all of the time. So I'm here to do the best I can do in a focused way. 

Are you promoting sobriety?

No, I am not here to promote sobriety. My decision to abstain from alcohol is a personal decision. For backstory, I had formed a physical dependency to alcohol after over a decade of heavy drinking + drug use, and quitting substance use was one of the most difficult decisions of my life. While sobriety has given me the space, strength, and ability to heal, I never intend to shame anyone who uses substances. I am proud of my sobriety, as it often feels like an impossible task, even years in. But my pride in this personal decision, does not mean I am here to promote sobriety with my alcohol-free herbal extracts. I am, however, here to offer herbal support to anyone who seeks to avoid alcohol, for whatever their personal reasons may be. 

Do I have to be alcohol-free to use this?

No way! Each of 5th Dimension's extracts are formulated with potent medicinal herbs, and taste really yummy. No offense to alcohol based tinctures, but they can be a bit harsh on the taste buds. Our formulas taste good, feel good, and you're likely to reach for them more often throughout the day. At least, I do!

What do you use instead of alcohol?

I use glycerin, vinegar, water, and/or honey. All of these solvents extract various constituents from the medicinals herbs we work with. 

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