About 5th Dimension

Herbalist Crafted

5th Dimension was founded by Jayna Anderson Roy in 2018. Jayna is a white cis-woman specializing in crafting slow-process skincare and alcohol-free tinctures.

Her approach to skincare comes from her knowledge as an herbalist, and learning how to care for her chronic inflammatory skin conditions: rosacea & keratosis pilaris. 5D's products are suitable for all skin types, but they are crafted to be transformative to those with chronic skin conditions. Gentle yet effective!

Jayna currently identifies as (7 years!) sober after a decade of substance use & dependency. She believes in de-stigmatizing substance use. Her belief that herbalism can fill the gaps where systematic failures occur is prevalent in her work as a community herbalist. 

5th Dimension provides high-quality, intentionally crafted skincare & herbal remedies. 

In addition to her work with 5th Dimension, Jayna is the co-founder of Boonies Design & Fabrication. 

Through studying the body & plants, Jayna has created holistic skincare & tinctures that are deeply intentional in how they uplift and support. Jayna is always studying to deepen her knowledge. 


Beauty & Wellness 

5th Dimension offers plant powered skincare products that synergistically nourish and restore vibrancy to your mind, body & spirit.

Our skincare line deeply nourishes skin to repair damage, soften and support a natural glow. Our herbal extract line restores balance within the body to fortify and nurture. 5D's products holistically support lovingly tending to oneself. 

We believe that spending time with our bodies, learning to care for ourselves, and attuning to nature can deeply heal. Everything we offer is crafted to support the link between plant, people & radical self love.

We source our ingredients from small U.S. farmers & trusted organic suppliers. All of our products are herbalist formulated.

What is the 5th Dimension?

By diving into an alternative realm of self exploration, we can find ways to heal our wounds and embrace all that we are.

In the 5th Dimension, endless potentials arise. We can shed narratives that hold us back, accept aspects of our identities that feel difficult to face, and explore new ways of being. It’s a playful approach to deep healing that allows room for breath and laughter between the hard work so many of us are doing.