About 5th Dimension

Herbal Skincare & Internal Wellness 

Based in the Deep South, 5th Dimension offers high-quality herbal skincare and alcohol-free herbal tinctures teeming with potent plant power for optimal wellness.

Our skincare line deeply nourishes skin to repair damage, soften and support a natural glow. Our herbal extract line restores balance within the body to fortify and nurture. Together, our products support the radical & transformational notion that self care is self love and vice-versa.


We source our ingredients from small U.S. farmers & trusted organic suppliers. Our products are formulated and crafted in house by herbalist, Jayna Anderson.


What is the 5th Dimension?

By diving into an alternative realm of self exploration, we can find ways to heal our wounds and embrace all that we are.

In the 5th Dimension, endless potentials arise. We can shed narratives that hold us back, accept aspects of our identities that felt difficult to face, and explore new ways of being. It’s a playful approach to deep healing that allows room for breath and laughter between the hard work so many of us are doing.

5th Dimension takes an otherworldly and exploratory approach to Self Care. This woman owned and operated brand was founded by Jayna Anderson while living in the Mojave Desert in 2018.

Jayna is an herbalist and artist based in the Deep South. She recently completed the reclaim program at the Samara School of Community Herbalism in New Orleans.