The 5D Ethos

Conscious Ingredients


Our commitment to sustainability starts at the source. Our products are formulated with time honored, organic herbs and plant derived ingredients. We source from Earth conscious organic farm partners to ensure that every inch of our products are the healthiest option for both you and the planet.

Holistic Philosophy


We believe that everything is interconnected, from soil to skin. Skin looks and feels its best when your body is balanced, vibrant and expressing vital energy. Our products are formulated to support you inside and out, for your healthiest glowing complexion yet!


Our holistic philosophy extends beyond the body, and considers the well being of our Earth. Our products are safe for skin and the Earth. We promise to continue making sustainable choices with you and the planet in mind.



Our herbal supplements and skincare are formulated to serve you on your wellness and skincare journey, wherever you are. Our herbal supplements are alcohol-free, vegan and gluten-free. 80% of our skincare products are vegan. The only non-vegan ingredient we use is beeswax sourced from local beekeepers.


We believe that skincare is for everyone- all genders, all ages, all ethnicities. We are committed to helping you feel fabulous in your skin!


5th Dimension is lead by a community herbalist. We believe that wellness is for everyone, and we are committed to inclusivity, equity, equality, and racial justice.


5th Dimension donates monthly to anti-racist organizations. Click here to see a list of organizations we contribute to.

Traditional Knowledge & Herbalism


The oldest form of medicine is plant medicine. Every culture and peoples across the globe have utilized plants to cultivate daily wellness and support a healthier life. We honor the various traditions and cultures that bring us herbalism. Due to the globalization of information, many wellness practices are available to anyone looking for them, but we firmly believe it is important to recognize the traditions these wellness practices come from. We honor traditional knowledge and scientific evidence.


At 5th Dimension, we believe that herbalists provide invaluable knowledge about plants, the body, and the planet. We are proudly herbalist founded.