Midnight Oil · Rejuvenating Night Oil


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Midnight Oil · Rejuvenating Night Oil
Midnight Oil · Rejuvenating Night Oil

Our moisturizing night oil penetrates deep to nourish skin while supporting healthy cell turnover, soothing inflammation, and softening skin. Antioxidant dense oils, and organic botanical extracts reduce visible damage and redness in skin. This oil works to rejuvenate complexion while you sleep, for an optimal glow day in and out. 

A highly rejuvenating, restorative blend of sea buckthorn, apricot kernel & rosehip seed oil would make anyone swoon, but we take it a step further with a triple botanical infusion. Whole plant Marshmallow Root, Lavender & Chamomile impart their plant power into Midnight Oil for a mind blowing moisturizer that supports a healthy skin biome while providing you with a fresh, soft glow!

Midnight oil is essential oil free, making it a gentle yet effective option for sensitive skin.

30ml (1oz)

  • Marshmallow Root- this highly mucilaginous herb deeply conditions skin, while protecting your moisture barrier & softening skin.
  • Chamomile- calms inflammation, irritation & redness for an even toned complexion.
  • Lavender- this quintessential aromatic calming herb is antibacterial, soothing to irritation & speeds up recovery of inflamed skin.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil- closely resembles our natural sebum. softens skin and helps reduce visible signs of environmental damage.
  • Sea buckthorn Oil- this vitamin & mineral dense oil promotes tissue repair, cell regeneration, balances breakout & minimizes irritation all while deeply conditioning.
  • Rosehip Seed Oil- highly concentrated with omega fatty acids & antioxidants to repair and protect skin against visible damage.

Herbalist formulated

You'll never find these in our products: Parabens, GMOs, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrance, Artificial Dyes


Apricot Kernel Oil*, Chamomile*, Lavender*, Marshmallow*, Sea Buckthorn Oil*, Rosehip Oil* *organic

Midnight Oil · Rejuvenating Night Oil
Midnight Oil · Rejuvenating Night Oil

Customer Reviews

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Midnight Oil · Rejuvenating Night Oil

Love it!

I've used the Sub Rosa serum for a couple years now, so, when I was running low on my nighttime facial oil(from a different brand), I thought I'd give the Midnight Oil a try. And, oh boy, I'm glad I did! It puts this little protective barrier on my face while I sleep. When I wake up, my skin is so soft! I've been using it, maybe, two weeks now and see a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin. Couldn't ask for more!

My daughter was thrilled!

We opened our Christmas gifts last night on zoom and my daughter was so excited to get her midnight oil. She immediately put it on her face and said it felt great and loved the fragrance. She said the woman who created it also graduated from her college in Philadelphia and she wanted to support her. It was sold out when I first tried to order it but they quickly emailed me when it was available and it arrived in time for Christmas. A good product and great service and I highly recommend it.

From a seasoned veteran, actual favorite face oil.

I work in beauty and wellness, and am inundated with products. I only try what I really want to feature (editorial copywriter) in hopes that I can spread legit word, not just sponsored content. I've tried A LOT of face oils, like an ungodly amount. I've honestly narrowed down the best oils to 3 (out of at LEAST 100, probably more) and there are 2 other brands that come close that are really not accessibly priced, but this is the BEST, not kidding, it;s better than overpriced counterparts. I've given it the old college try (at least two weeks straight, ladies and gents! Do it!) and I promise you it is the ultimate. It absorbs the best without making me feel oily or greasy, it minimizes inflammation when I have breakouts or dryness, and imparts a genuine glow. Not a glow because I'm shiny, because I put oil on my face. No, a true, nourished glow in the morning when I apply this at night. This is basically a comparison study, and I haven't even been approved to feature this yet so I'm just trying to shout it from the rooftops in any other way possible. DO TRY THIS OIL. I wouldn't lie to you. I don't even know you. xx

Life Changing

I'm in awe. I went to school for skincare and I'm very picky about what I put on my face. I usually use a light aloe gel but I didn't realize how much moisture my skin was lacking. Oil attracts oil, so when I started using this oil, my blackheads started to melt away. Like little pods coming out of my pores lol sorry if that's TMI but its a beautiful thing if you struggle with extracting. My skin has never been softer. Like velvet soft. Swear it makes my lips softer and fuller too. Highly recommend!!!