Plant Vibrations

At 5th Dimension, we believe that herbalism is most potent through direct relationship with plants and land. So much magic resides in the moments sitting with plants, recognizing their energy, and building relationships with them through the seasons. We encourage all that come here to thank the plants around them, introduce yourself, listen to them, acknowledge their presence. 

We recognize how difficult it can be to find time and space to submerge ourselves into rebuilding relationship with our Earth within the container of modern society. However, we do encourage all who use our products to offer respect to the plants within our products. These plants have been carefully cultivated and respectfully grown before being thoughtfully composed into our formulas.

Through our skincare and extract lines, we hope to expand and connect the links from plant to person. As you massage in your herbal face oil, as you taste a drop of herbal goodness on your tongue, steep your thoughts in the plants that provided you with that magic. The essence of a plant doesn't dispel once it is plucked from the ground. During your daily routine, tune into the vibrations of the plants within your products, and you might be pleasantly surprised what you find.