Why Skin Loves Botanical Toners

Why Skin Loves Botanical Toners

A Botanical Toner is a fast penetrating liquid that cleanses, hydrates, nourishes, balances and tightens pores. 5D’s unique formulation process creates an elevated product that’s gentle enough for sensitve skin, and effective enough to see results. 

5th Dimension's Botanical Toners are PH balanced to optimize your skin's barrier. Our phytonutrient dense toners are like liquid skin food! They topically feed skin the vital nutrients skin craves for optimal performance.

If you feel skeptical about toners due to past experiences with harsh toners, I don’t blame you. For years, there was an unhealthy trend in skincare to over-cleanse and over-dry skin. Matte skin was seen as the clean ideal. Toners got a bad rep for a while due to harsh formulas on the market that upheld these "squeaky clean" ideals. Our Botanical Toners are nothing like that!

Luckily, research has shifted those unrealistic and unhealthy ideals. We know that skin needs water, oil & nutrients to function properly. Matte dry skin doesn’t act as a healthy barrier against bacteria and pathogens. Overly oil skin can be managed through balancing routines better than with harsh chemical laden products that dry and damage skin. Our Botanical Toners balance skin to improve functionality, and enhance glow.

5th Dimension creates skincare that upholds the notion that balanced, hydrated, moisturized skin performs and looks its best. Glowing skin is healthy skin. Our toners are specifically formulated to support glowing, healthy skin.

Skin acts as a barrier and a filter to our environment. It’s our first interaction with the world around us. Botanical Toners provide quick hydration & support to skin

I compiled some FAQ about our Botanical Toners, so you can make an educated decision about which product or ritual is right for you.

When should I use a toner?

-Use a toner after cleansing and before moisturizing. I use oils to moisturize my skin, so I will apply the toner all over my face and seal in immediately with Sub Rosa Serum or Midnight Oil.

-If skin is especially dry, use toner before applying a hydrating facial mist, followed by moisturizer.

-Use a toner after removing a facial mask. This purifies the skin of mask residue while toning pores to seal in the masks benefits. Moisturize immediately.

-Use a toner after removing a cloth face mask. Breathing into a mask causes moisture and bacteria to get trapped in your face mask and deposit on the skin. Using a toner upon removal of your mask will minimize breakout from bacteria and build up. 

-Splash onto face and seal in with a face oil if your skin is dry, dull or seeking a refresh. They are loaded with bioavailable phytonutrients that are readily absorbed into skin for an enhanced complexion.

Why Botanical Toners?

Skin craves nutrients, balance, hydration and moisture. Our toners are at the proper PH for balanced skin (~5.5). They are filled with phytonutrients to nourish skin. They are hydrating and cleansing. Far from basic, Botanical Toners elevate skin beyond a simple cleanse & pore cleansing; they feed skin, move lymph, deeply restore & mitigate inflammation.

If you have chronic inflammatory skin conditions, our toners go above and beyond to feed your skin vital nutrients for optimal health to repair depleted skin. Cyclical breakout, bumpy forehead, chronic inflammation, Keratosis Pilaris, Rosacea & more can all benefit from Botanical Toners. They are ideal for anyone looking to enhance their skincare routine.


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